Video Credit: Celia Ruiz Artacho, Sarume Media, Cologne

The Mexico Project

June 2023

Contributing Composers:

  • Daniel Kopeliovich
  • Sergio Berlioz
  • Marcos Lifshitz
  • Amotz Plessner

Video Credit: Michael Petri, Vienna

On Jewish Music – I

a musical contribution to 1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany by Lucian Plessner

“Your lecture on Jewish music is very interesting and your arguments are exactly the same as those that my father once addressed at a symposium in Paris… Thank you also for your musical examples, so well interpreted and some of which I did not know!“

Marianne Tansman (daughter of composer Alexander Tansman)

„…die Videoproduktion „On Jewish Music“ finde (ich) vorzüglich. So unaufwendig, konzentriert, professionell (auch in Kameraführung und Schnitt), für jeden verständlich (zumindest jeden mit passablen Englischkenntnissen), ohne auch Informiertere zu unterfordern, ein sehr großes Thema mit Gelassenheit und auch feinem Witz hier und da beleuchtet – vielen Dank für diese halbe Stunde!

Volker Hagedorn, Bestsellerautor von Bachs Welt,  Der Klang von Paris  und  Flammen

„¡Espléndido y claro. Felicidades!“

Sergio Berlioz, composer Mexico-City

Video Credit: Michael Petri, Vienna

On Jewish Music – II

Alexandre Tansman Cavatina by Lucian Plessner

“I have listened … to your study of my father’s Cavatine and I found myself in complete agreement with your remarks…  I really appreciated your interpretation, very beautiful sound and sense of serenity that I felt in some intimate passages, a scherzino quite new but I approve. Thank you for your work in depth and your right intuitions.“

Marianne Tansman (daughter of composer Alexander Tansman)

Asunción 1989 – Live television performance

Bernstein on Guitar DeutschlandRadio, cpo

Sample: for William Kapell

Bach Lichtkonzert – Live performance


J.S. Bach - BWV 998: I. Prelude

von Lucian Plessner

Leonard Bernstein: I feel pretty

von Lucian Plessner

Leonard Bernstein: Maria

von Lucian Plessner



Anniversaries: 1. For Shirley Gabis Rhoads Perle – 2. In Memoriam: William Kapell – 3. For Stephen Sondheim – 4. For Craig Urquhart – 5. In Memoriam: Goddard Lieberson – 6. For Felicia –  7. In Memoriam: Ellen Goetz

Mass (Selections): 8. Introit (Kyrie Eleison – marching street band) – 9. Our Father – 10. I Go On – 11. In Nomine Patris – 12. Almighty Father – 13. Epiphany – 14. Largo (In memoriam: Ellen Goetz, from Thirteen Anniversaries) – 15. Gloria Tibi

Candide (Selection): 16. It Must Be So (for two guitars)

Dance Suite (Selections): 17. Dancisa – 18. Waltz – 19. Bi-Tango – 20. Two-Step

West Side Story (Selections): 21. Prologue – 22. Cha Cha – 23. Meeting Scene – 24. Jump –       25. Maria – 26. I Feel Pretty

Candide (Selection): 27. Make Our Garden Grow, a meditation


Canti napoletani: 1. Michelemmà – 2. Tu ca nun chiagne – 3. Graziella – 4. Fenesta vascia – 5.‘ A vucchella –      6. Luisella – 7. Saltimbanco – 8. Santa Lucia – 9. L’Anello –

Tres cantiones populares mexicanes: 10. La pajarera – 11. Por ti mi corazón – 12. La Valentina

Folklore Argentino: 13. Villancico – 14. De la prima a la bordona – 15. Preludio y danza – 16. Variaciones – 17. Bailecito – 18. Canción ingenua – 19. La cuartelera – 20. El condor pasa – 21. Zamba de vargas


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